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You’re a Goddess and you have a right to feel good about yourself! There is a perfect you already embedded in you! I can help you realize it!


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It’s no secret.  Many women walk through life in declining health; their bodies poised to fail due to stress, exhaustion, poor nutritional habits and a lack of exercise. Compounding any physical threat is the mental toll of low self-esteem when the way we want our bodies to look doesn’t match reality. Failure to recognize the body’s danger signals as we move through various life stages is threatening. So much of the suffering that women routinely experience around these sorts of issues keeps me up at night. Why? Because I know it doesn’t have to be this way.










From the boardroom to the bedroom, we chat about all things menopause! We're throwing the covers off this taboo topic, spilling all the tea and dispelling myths - so call your friends, aunties and mamas 'cause we have something for you all! You're not Crazy! You're still Sexy! It's just Menopause!

Fitness Jumpstart

If you’re not seeing your desired fitness results, I can coach you to the body you desire. With your commitment to reaching your goal and my vast expertise, personalized guidance, and ardent commitment to you, you can finally stop wishing for a lean, powerful body and begin working towards achieving one today.












Wise Women Walk

Walking is the most under-rated approach to getting fit. Sure, you can get fit by just walking, but there are so many more benefits! In addition to lowering your blood pressure, reducing your risk of heart disease, stroke and more, walking is easier on your joints and can make you happier and brainier! Some forms of walking require a bit more than just slipping on your shoes and heading outdoors. Read on to discover how Wise Women Walk!

Mindset Mastery

Have you gained weight during the pandemic and now you can’t get rid of it? Do you resist eating foods that you know are good for you? Are you sabotaging your weight loss success by secretly bingeing on junk food? Learn how to heal habits that no longer serve you.






Menopause Got You in a Sweat? Explore the Menopossibilities to . . .

Feel Better,
Have more energy,
Eat mindfully,
Reduce stress,
Live healthier,
Grow through
menopause and
Get in the best
shape of your life!

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Applause . . .

I had the privilege of meeting Bette and asked for her assistance in training for the physical fitness test for my martial arts black belt. Bette listened to me, asked the right questions, and worked with me to help me earn my black belt at the age of 42! Bette was patient and made learning a great experience. Once you train with her, her pearls of wisdom stay with you.

Donna L.

I was diagnosed at age 46 with Graves’ disease. I realized I didn’t have the next 5 or 10 years to get serious. Then I met Bette. She taught me that diet or exercise alone won’t give me the results I want. It has to be a combination of diet, exercise and a positive mental attitude. I’m feeling great about myself and my life and I will stay on this path for the rest of my life.

Karla D.

Thank you for the time and effort that you put into our classes. I have learned that what I do to my body makes a huge impact on my health and that I alone can change the way I care for and exercise my body to improve my health (and looks!).

Gwen G.